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Edith Heyck 

(pronounced HIKE)


Born in Germany and raised in Maryland, artist Edith Heyck fell in love with the visual beauty of Newburyport during a visit here in the mid-1970s. Almost 40 years later, Heyck remains enchanted with her adopted hometown and her stunning paintings and murals capture the Port’s mystique.

“My aim is to reveal my rich inner world through design, color, and composition so the viewer can share my experience. Viewing my paintings evokes a response of the imagination, not the intellect,” Heyck explains.

Her murals decorate many local landmarks, including the whale in front of Surfside Restaurant (on Salisbury beach), the storefront window of New England Wine & Spirits, (Newburyport), and along the Old Eastern Marsh Trail, (Salisbury). 

Edith’s contribution to the art culture of her community is wide reaching. She is a co-founder and former Director of The Abstract Artists Group of New England, where she inspires the joy of creative expression in fellow artists and teaches occasional classes in Newburyport public schools. 

Edith has owned her own graphic business, Heyck Design Studio, for over 30 years and is also an accomplished graphic designer. Many area signs, logos, brochures and ads are her work. She explains that she developed her bold, abstract approach to painting as a release from the precision required in the graphic design profession. 


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